Spybubble mobile phone spy software box.

Image of creator of www.isspybubbleascam.com.My name is Evan. I created this web site www.isspybubbleascam.com because I am affiliated with SpyBubble and I quickly found out when it comes to mobile phone spy software in general there is a ton of misinformation out there. It infuriated me when I would see people making slanderous comments towards spy bubble that were NOT warranted because they were ignorant, misinformed, or just plain are too lazy to be bothered reading instructions.

Many of these people would go on to scam related websites like scam.com and voice their false accusations which potentially could cause damage to the company they were slandering.

If a product really is a bad product I have no problem with that product being reported and perhaps even being put out of business if they don't do something to rectify the problem. The only thing spy bubble mobile phones spyware team ever did wrong is they miscalculated projected sales when they first went live in the fall of 2010.

What ended up happening is spy bubble experienced a sudden avalanche of sales and new customers that was way beyond their expectations and the capabilities of their customer/technical support. This resulted in customer support requests or general questions about spy bubble to be answered slowly for a period of time.

As mentioned on the page 'spy bubble complaints' I pointed out another reason people wrongfully bash spy bubble is because of their ignorance, either because they didn't read and properly follow the instructions for the install and use of spy bubble or because they didn't bother to check the compatible phones list at the spy bubble website to make sure the phone they wanted to spy on is going to be compatible with the spy bubble application.

To set the record straight and let the truth be known I created this informative and truthful website so people can get the facts and not the fiction behind spy bubble. The fact is spy bubble is not a scam and is a very legitimate mobile phone spy. For the money, $49 one payment no recurring fees, spy bubble is the best deal mobile phone spying you will ever find.