The Honest TRUTH about SpyBubble Mobile Phone Spy

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Spybubble mobile phone spy software box.

Here are full reviews on spy bubble. on this page it will be revealed everything that is fantastic about spy bubble mobile phone spy and what about spy bubble is not so good. This way you will be armed with all the information you need to make an informed spy bubble purchasing decision.

Here are all of spy bubble's spying features and abilities:


What is most impressive about spy bubble is the large array of spying features. This by itself is pretty impressive. This is absolutely amazing when you take into consideration spy bubble price. First, spy bubble is the only phone spy without any recurring fees whatsoever. I don't know how much longer this price policy will continue. I imagine at some point in the near future this might change. What this means is when you purchase spy bubble it is the only phone spy you actually OWN and not rent. You pay $49 one time and you never have to pay a single cent after that. There is no other phone spy that inexpensive and that commitment free. Another impressive feature of spy bubble is the fact you can install the spy program on an unlimited number of mobile phones. There is no other phone spy that allows this.


About the only bad thing that could be said about spy bubble is the GPS tracking feature is somewhat weak. What I mean by this is the GPS locations, shown on Google maps, is only updated once per hour. I suppose for many people this is adequate but what about the people for whom once per hour is not enough? In addition how often or how frequently GPS tracking coordinates are updated is not configurable at this time in the Spy bubble members area. Examples of phone spy software that do allow you to control how frequently cell phone positions are updated include PhoneSheriff and the PhoneBeagle.