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Here is a 100% true life story of a man named Dan and exactly how he used Spybubble, Spoof Card, and a little ingenuity and imagination to catch his wife cheating on him in record time. This story is truly inspirational and motivating as well as entertaining. If you think you may have a cheating wife or husband on your hands and you are thinking of using Spybubble to catch them then this story will give you a great idea on how to use Spybubble in your own life to catch the betrayal of someone you love.

My name is Dan Mergliotti. This is a truly amazing true story of how I used Spybubble cell spy, a caller ID changing service, and a little imagination to catch my wife cheating on me. With these three resources I had a boatload of infidelity evidence in literally less than two days.

The Exact Method I used to catch my Cheating wife with Spybubble My wife and I had been married going on 12 years. During the last year or so the marriage I had noted she had become more distant. She was home less and less often 'going out with friends at night and becoming more involved with other obligations during time we normally, in the past spent together alone. When this first started happening I had a slight bit of suspicion in the very back of my mind.

What triggered strong suspicions of infidelity and thoughts of finding out if she was cheating on me was one night she came home reeking of booze and cigarettes. Of course her excuse was she was out with friends at work and they went to a bar but for some reason this set off my paranoid alarm.

I Googled 'how to catch a cheating spouse'. No shortage of search results that came up. There was also no shortage of search results that used their webpages as shallow and thinly veiled excuses for trying to get your e-mail address or getting you to buy something from them.

I started reading about cell phone spy software. It seemed like an awesome technology. Of course there was a trust issue there. I had never heard of cell phone spy software before. I had never seen a cell phone spy store in any town. So naturally I thought maybe it was a scam. Some of the stuff I read online about cell phone spy software did not help because some would say cell phone spy is a scam and others would say it works great. After spending numerous hour filled nights reading more and more about phone spying you could say I had become somewhat of an expert at it.

One thing I noticed was cell phone spy software price varied considerably. Spybubble was the cheapest at a mere $49 and it was the only cell phone spy I found that didn't have recurring fees. So basically $49 gave me a Spybubble membership and the right to spy on any cell phones I want for the rest of my life. I made the decision to give it a try.

I wanted to make sure the whole thing went smoothly when installing Spybubble so there was no way I would get caught. So I practiced installing Spybubble to my own cell phone several times to make sure I knew exactly what to do. Surprisingly this turned out to be very simple stuff. It is a simple matter of using the cell phones web browser to navigate to a web address which is the actual Spybubble spying application. It starts to download to the phone. You shut down and restart the mobile phone and you are done.

When you click to purchase Spybubble your taken to their checkout page where you enter your information like your name, address, e-mail address, etc. After clicking submit about 15 seconds later I received two e-mails. One was from Clickbank company which is the company which handles Spybubble payments. The second e-mail was from Spybubble. This e-mail was your typical welcome – thank you for your payment type e-mail and it included my Spybubble username and password so I can log into the Spybubble website.

The way Spybubble works is the actual spying application goes onto the person's phone you want to spy on which runs silently in the background sending information to the Spybubble website. In other words any time my wife would make or receive phone calls or SMS copies of all this is sent to my Spybubble account. Any time I want I can login with the username and password provided in the Spybubble welcome e-mail and in my members area I can see everything about that person cell phone such as the exact time calls and text messages are sent and received, how long phone calls last, the phone numbers calls and text messages are sent to and received from. There was even a section in my Spybubble members area where I could look at a map and see exactly where my cheating wife was at any given time. (The methods that are used to catch my cheating wife with Spybubble I had no need for the GPS tracking feature though.)

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Here are the exact methods I came up with the catch her cheating red-handed

The first problem that I had was that she always kept her cell phone with her at all times. What I did was one night when she was home I pretended like there was some sort of semi-emergency that I had to quickly rush out for. I pretended I couldn't find my cell phone and it was absolutely critical I had a cell phone while I was going to be out. I probably should've gotten an Oscar for my acting. Anyway she bought it, let me borrow her Blackberry, and I left. When I was gone I drove 2 miles away stopped into a Dunkin' Donuts and while I was in there I downloaded the Spybubble program to her cell phone. The last step of the install is simply shutting off and restarting her cell phone. The spy mobile application was supposed to, from that point on, start up silently and hidden every time her cell phone is turned on although I didn't really have to worry about that she never turned it off. Mission accomplished – or so I hoped.

The second part of my method involved the use of a caller ID scrambling service. I used a service called spoof card. Trapcall is another service that does the same thing but Spoof card is a little cheaper. Cell phone spy software was impressive enough for me but when I read about spoof card and what it could do my thought was 'technology today is beyond amazing it's getting scary'.

Spoof card is a pay as you go, commitment free, cell phone service that costs $.10 per minute. The way it works is when you want to use the spoof card service you call spoof card. It's a toll-free number so there's no charge for that. An automated menu asks you the phone number you want to call, the phone number you want to appear on their caller ID, and if you want to change your voice.

To become familiar with this service I messed around with it for a while using my house phone and the spoof card service to call my cell phone to see what was possible. The way it works is whatever phone number that is associated with a specific person or company that phone number and that person or company's name shows up on their caller ID. I couldn't believe it but I actually used the phone number of my local police department. When I called my cell phone from my home phone with spoof card pretending to be a caller from my local police department my cell phone's caller ID actually said the police department of my town and their phone number!

First thing I did I used the spoof card service to call her cell phone when she was asleep and her phone was set to silent so it doesn't wake her. I entered her cell phone number as the number I wanted to appear as though the call is coming from. What happened was her cell phone service, when they saw her own cell phone's number, assumed she was calling in to check her messages. What happened was I was instantly transferred to her message queue and was able to listen to all the messages she had. And yes there were messages from a guy that was obviously a secret lover based upon the content of the messages. First chunk of evidence gathered.

The following evening I called her cell phone using the spoof card service pretending to be from the local police department. I chose the option to disguise my voice. I then called her and said 'I just wanted you to know that your husband Mark has a pretty good idea you might be cheating on him and he has something up his sleeve for you.' That was it. That was all I said and then hung up. So from her perspective she gets a weird phone call from the police department with a strange voice saying that to her.

The reason I did this is I was sure it would initiate panic on her part. What would this do? It would cause her to start calling people on her cell phone to talk about it. The most likely person being this guy that I heard in her cell phones messages the night before. The guy she was having an affair with. It worked like a charm. I waited 45 minutes. I logged into my Spybubble account. I logged into my Spybubble account and sure enough text messages galore going back and forth between her and this guy. I was able to see the exact text messages that she sent to him and he sent back to her. At this point I had all the proof of cheating I needed.

In case you're curious about the conclusion to the saga what I ended up doing is the following weekend she was going to be away on 'business' (we now know what that means). I took the opportunity to rent a U-Haul truck, called a friend of mine. He came over on Saturday I moved all my stuff out. I change my phone number, got a new apartment, and washed my hands of her.

The greatest satisfaction using this plan along with Spybubble and Spoofcard was that I got the last word in. In other words the way most cheating situations work out as either the guy or the girl gets away with it or they don't but either way the person being cheated and feels like a shmuck, betrayed, and like a loser who was taken advantage of. Not me though. Because I was able to find out exactly what was going on and she had no clue that I had done this I was able to move out and put her in my rearview mirror all before she would've gotten home Sunday late afternoon.

Bottom line is I know in my heart she gets home sees all my stuff gone. I'm sure she probably called my cell phone and discovered the number was disconnected. As far as I'm concerned this whole thing ended with her being the schmuck and the loser.

If you think somebody is cheating on you don't waste your money on a private investigator and don't waste your time on anything else. All you need is Spybubble and spoofcard and 48 hours. If you got the guts to find out the truth, I mean if you are really ready to find out the total truth, then go for it and if you discover what you hope you don't discover you will have the opportunity to get the last word in. As Dr Phil says 'the only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for 12 years if being in a bad relationship for 12 years and one day.'

Thanks for reading my story. I hope my story inspires people to take action if they suspect something. Stand up for yourself and stand tall!

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