Is SpyBubble Cell Phone Spy a Watered Down Flexispy Clone?

Spybubble mobile phone spy software box.

Spybubble is NOTHING LIKE FLEXISPY mobile spy. I have personally seen this accusation against spy bubble a couple of times online. If the few people that make this statement mean that spy bubble doesn't have a few features that Flexispy does that is accurate. By the same token spy bubble has a feature that Flexispy does not. Flexispy does not spy on web sites visited by the target cell phone (the cell phone with the spy program installed on it). The features Flexispy DOES have that Spybubble DOES NOT I will admit are extremely powerful phone spy features and it would be nice if Spybubble adds these two features in the near future:

  1. Live Call Spy - the ability to be notified when the target cell phone makes or receives a phone call and to be able to instantly intercept that phone call, silently, being able to hear both sides of the entire conversation as if you are in a three-way phone call but neither of the other two people in the conversation know you are there.
  2. Room Spy Bugging - send the target cell phone a secret SMS command which instantly activates the phones mouthpiece turning it into a microphone allowing you to hear everything going on around the cell phone effectively audio bugging the room or environment the cell phone is in.

One factor that makes accusing Spybubble of being a watered down version or copycat inferior version of Flexispy a joke is a price comparison. For these two extra powerful spy features that Flexispy has can you take a wild guess how much you have to pay? Flexispy costs $349 for one year of spying! Spy bubble costs $49 one time for a lifetime membership. This would be like saying him Mazda RX7 is a watered down version of a Corvette. They both do the same job - take you where you want to go - however Corvette does it more elegantly but you are going to pay 10 times as much. So comparing Spybubble to Flexispy is like comparing apples to oranges. Whether you choose Flexispy or Spybubble comes down to if you really feel you need the Live Call Spy and Room Spy Bugging features or not.