Complaints people made against SpyBubble Online

Spybubble mobile phone spy software box.

To understand WHY people complained against Spybubble phone spy you want to read the 'Why Spybubble was reported as a Scam' page. In a nutshell for a short period of time after spy bubble was first released sales vastly exceeded expectations so the customer support crew for spy bubble was grossly understaffed to handle questions and inquiries as fast as they should have. This led to people posting complaints at online websites and forums about spy bubble. This problem has been rectified. People not reading instructions for the proper install and use of spy bubble as well as where to direct their inquiries for refund also lead to people mistakenly accusing spy bubble of being a ripoff product when in fact it is one of the best cell phone spy software programs out there. To verify this for yourself you simply need to visit a couple of LEGIT cell phone spy review sites.

Below I have posted specific complaints people have made against spy bubble. These are the same people who have accused spy bubble of being a scam in the past. Underneath each complaint posted I will provide a harsh but realistic rebuttal.

COMPLAINT #1 - from sahm0076 - "I purchased Spybubble on 10/13/10, and installed it on my spouse's phone. I sent a complaint on 10/15/10 that I couldn't get it to work. I sent another complaint on 10/17/10 saying it still didn't work and I wanted a refund. It is now 10/19/10 and I have yet to receive any response from the company. I believe it to be a scam. They don't have a phone number or a physical address and no one responds when you send a request for support."

MY RESPONSE TO COMPLAINT #1 - When Spybubble was first released in October of 2010 sales of Spybubble exploded way beyond their expectations. The net result was a customer support team grossly understaffed to handle the volume of inquiries. This was merely a case of an accidental false expectation of sales volume on the part of the Spybubble team. This problem has long since been rectified and customer support requests are answered now in less than a day. The only reason this person could not get Spybubble to work is either prior to purchasing spy bubble they did not view the supported phones page which lists every single cell phone spy Spybubble is compatible with OR they didn't read or follow the instructions properly that were sent to them as soon as they purchased spy bubble.

COMPLAINT #2 from - precious007 - "I purchased spybubble 3 weeks back. Initially i had trouble downloading the product to my spouse's mobile but after sending 2-3 mails (the support was a bit slow during weekends) but finally i got it working by their help. I am thankful to this software. I don't know if it works for everyone but for me, it really works."

MYRESPONSE TO COMPLAINT #2 - This person provided their own response to their own complaint. This complaint was issued during the month of October 2011 and as explained in my response to complaint number one at that time the Spybubble support team was grossly understaffed to handle inquiries and questions regarding Spy Bubble which was an accidental sales projection error on their part which has been long since corrected.

COMPLAINT #3 from - spy2011 - "In my opinion, Spy Bubble is lacking on features compared to MobiStealth & Mobile Spy cell phone spy app that are similarly priced. When comparing features, you’ll see both MobiStealth and Mobile Spy offer a few more features such as being able to view browser history, photos snapped on the phone, and videos taken from the device. However, MobiStealth spy offers only a 3 day return policy and Mobile Spy is 30 days, compared to Spy Bubble’s 60 day policy. This could be what pulls Spy Bubble ahead of both companies if you’re not sure how long it will take to install the product. For example, if you’re not sure when you’ll get access to the target phone, and therefore would feel more comfortable with a bit longer return policy than 3 – 30 days, then go with Spy Bubble. Moreover, if you are an employer or parent who need to install Spy Bubble on more than one device, than Spy Bubble is a better choice than others because of Spy Bubble’s unlimited license policy."

MY RESPONSE TO COMPLAINT #3 - this person's assessment that spy bubble is lacking in features compared to Mobi stealth and Mobilespy WAS correct at the time. This post was made in May of 2011. Since that time spy bubble has added the ability to view browser history as well as photos captured with the cell phone being spied on. Spy Bubble is in no way anywhere near the same price as Mobistealth or Mobilespy. Mobistealth lowest price for their most trim down LITE spy plan starts at $49 for three months. Mobilespy is $49 for three months and $99 for one year. Spy bubble is $49 one time payment with no monthly, quarterly, yearly, or ANY recurring fees whatsoever. You pay $49 one time and you are a member of spy bubble for life with the ability to install spy bubble on an unlimited number of cell phones. There is no other phone spy that inexpensive other than perhaps Phone Beagle.

COMPLAINT #4 from - bazzinga - "Most of the problems with SpyBubble come from people not reading the information about it or getting the information from other sources. First of all, see if your phone is compatible with the program by checking the list on the Spybubble web site. Don't trust blogs or articles that say that this or that phone is compatible. Also, the phone has to have Internet connection. If it only has a plan for calls and text messages, it won't work, even if it's a smartphone. Obviously, "normal" phones (i.e. non-smartphones) are not compatible for this reason. Because the program uses the phone's internet connection to get information from it, some functions won't work well in certain situations. For example, when the Internet provider's network is not working, when the phone is out of network (for example, in a highway or in a basement) or when the phone is turned off (for example, in the movies). I hope this information helps."

MY RESPONSE TO COMPLAINT #4 - no response needed.