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It's an easy way to spy on just about anyone or be spied on yourself. All you need is a cell phone.  Jermont Taylor gives us the closer look.

Female Channel 4 Reporter to Channel 4 reporter Jermont Taylor - "Jermont - you have actually tried cell phone spy out for yourself?"

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "I sure did. Spy bubble cell phone spy is easy to buy and easy to be sneaky and it's easy to hear everything your target is doing and officials don't know if they will ever be able to stop it."

(Video shows People testing Spybubble successfully monitoring every phone call and text message and more)

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "We may love our cell phones but what if someone could spy on you using your own cell phone against you? Spybubble cell phone spy is new technology ANYONE can now buy. Just go to online cell phone spy. Use spybubble cell phone spy as a way to catch cheating spouses or protect your child by monitoring all communications such as phone calls and text messages. With this you can track any cell phone completely undetected. So of course we had to order it and try cell spy app for ourselves."

(Video now at a restaurant)

Reporter Jermont Taylor to father - "You could install spybubble cell phone spy I could easily see every single phone and text message you send and receive with your cell phone anytime you want to. What do you think about that?"

Father (with daughter) - "So for a father doing this with their daughter for example that would be a good thing. (laughing)"

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "We just turned this father and daughter into spies."

(video shows daughter listening in to conversation on cell phone being spied on)

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "Is this really for real?"

(Person with cell phone being spied on is at another booth in the same restaurant)

Reporter Jermont Taylor to daughter - "So you are able to monitor everything?"

Daughter - "Yea I can see everything."

Reporter Jermont Taylor to daughter - "What do you think about that?"

Daughter - "I think that is kind of creepy."

Another girl in restaurant - "Who would even make a technology like that to begin with - to spy on people?"

Cell Phone Spyware Inventor - "This cell phone spy software was specifically invented to spy on people - it is incredible. You can spy on incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, emails, with more advanced and a little more expensive phone spy (Flexispy) you can actually listen in to live conversations in progress without the person ever knowing."

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "That's right. You can see what your teen is emailing, text messaging and even hear what she is saying. You can get the actual exact location of the phone too (GPS tracking)"

Mother Heather Ball - "I was skeptical because I really didn't think there was a way you could go online and check text messages."

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "Heather Ball spies on her 12 year old daughter."

Mother Heather Ball - "I think this cell phone spy software is great because she knows it is on her phone which gives her a certain amount accountability because she knows she is being monitored as opposed to thinking she can do and say whatever she wants with her cell phone."

ACLU employee Interviewed - "Spybubble may be marketed as a way to monitor your teen son or daughter but in reality this can easily be abused."

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "First question everyone asked - Is cell phone spy software legal? Believe me we tried to find out. Attorney General replied - 'no comment'. Consumer protection agency - 'not their division. The only person who would talk? The ACLU."

Reporter Jermont Taylor to ACLU employee - "IS CELL PHONE SPY LEGAL?"

ACLU employee - "The law about phone spyware is unclear."

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "Cell phone spy software might be an invasion of privacy in some states but then again it MIGHT not. Nobody seems sure."

ACLU employee - "This happens a lot that technology leaps ahead of laws and regulations."

Reporter Jermont Taylor - "Until there are real laws prohibiting the user of cell phone spy like Spybubble, cell control,flexispy or mobistealth, beware when ever your cell phone is on because you may never know who is monitoring your cell phone and listening in to your every word."

Guy interviewed - "I would not want anyone spying on my cell phone."

Commentary from www.isspybubbleascam.com official - "To protect against YOUR cell phone from being spied on you need to be aware there are two different types of cell phone spy. Spybubble is the most commonly used example of local cell phone spy which must be installed directly to the phone you want to spy on which means the potential spying individual must get access to your phone for about five minutes. To protect your cell phone from this type of spyware...

  1. put a password on your phone.
  2. never leave your cell phone unattended by you.

The other type of phone spy is remote phone spy which is even sneakier because this type of phone spy DOES NOT require the person to install anything to your phone. This type gets installed to the cell phone of the person doing the spying and once installed all they have to do to spy on your phone is stay in a phone connection with your for more than 30 seconds. The best way to protect yourself against this type of phone spy is...

  1. don't stay in phone conversations for more than 30 seconds with anyone you think might phone spy on you. This can be pretty difficult to enforce. A better alternative is...
  2. Every night when you go to bed remove the battery from your cell phone. This will break the frequency connection a remote cell phone spy has with your cell phone."