How to Spybubble Spy on Cheating Spouse Cell Phone

Spybubble mobile phone spy software box.

We going to help illustrate various ways you can use SpyBubble to

  1. Tell whether your spouse is cheating and
  2. If you are positive they are cheating, establish definitive evidence and proof on the matter.

This article is written with SpyBubble spy in mind, because SpyBubble definitively has all of the Smart Phone spying features mentioned at an extremely affordable price. Other Smart Phone spying software can be used, but most other programs do not run 100% silently, cost more, have less features and are less reliable overall.

Obviously, SpyBubble is the recommended program simply because it excels in the field of Smart Spying. Unlike other Smart Phone spying programs, SpyBubble gives you access to a vast array of features at an extremely low cost, SpyBubble provides a great amount of versatility in dealing with a cheating spouse. In fact cell phone spying is the #1 way to catch a cheating spouse.

Features of Spybubble cell phone spy most relevant to finding out whether your significant other is cheating will be text tracking and call monitoring

You must exercise constant awareness and suspicion. Some spouses might be extremely cautious about their digital behavior. SpyBubble is an invaluable resource, but one must be willing to do the detective work. Because SpyBubble is designed to capture Smart Phone activity, I will offer several ways to try to incite contact between the targeted smart phone (your spouse's smart phone) and partners they might be cheating on you with. In other words...

The Following Cheating Spouse Tricks will Trick your Cheating Spouse to make immediate contact with the person they are Cheating with so you having something to Spy on with Spybubble

  1. Take a vacation: You heard me. Tell your spouse that you're going on a business trip. Don't do it spontaneously, announce the trip long in advance which makes it more believable. This gives your partner the opportunity not only to cheat, but to plan to cheat as well with one or more partners in an affair. Check text messages and phone conversations to see if your spouse is talking about your upcoming absence with anyone. While you're away on this vacation, use SpyBubble's control panel every so often to check if suspicious behavior on your spouse's smart phone has increased: it most likely will. Because you're gone, check for updates in movement as well.
  2. Try leaving spontaneously, if only for a night. Either stage an argument with your spouse which causes you to leave in frustration, or announce some kind of emergency which requires you to leave for the night. While away, check into your Spybubble account. If you really want to illicit a response, announce that you're leaving and then call the emergency off and don't leave, then check whether your partner was coordinating plans for your absence and then had to cut them short.
  3. Check Phone Numbers your Cheating Spouse Calls. Because SpyBubble provides you with the phone numbers which have contacted the targeted Smart Phone, you should be able to get the number of your spouse's affair pretty quickly. Spybubble also lets you see your cheating partners cell phone book as well. Obviously, you can call these numbers to try to verify it yourself, but you might end up in a conversation with someone who is denying they even know your spouse. An even better way is to use some sort of reverse phone lookup tool like Spokeo search or Reverse Mobile. You could use this in combination with a caller ID changing service which will make their phone show any name and number you wish when you call them.
  4. Trick them into thinking your Cheating Spouse has called them. Then sit back and enjoy the fun. Use the previously mentioned Spoof card service to call the person they are cheating with and manipulate their caller ID to show your cheating spouse name and number. You are only limited by your imagination about how this can be effective for you.
  5. Confront your spouse. (note: only do this once you are absolutely 100% sure they are cheating on you and you have solid undeniable proof!) Tell them you suspect they are cheating. Use this as an opportunity to see whether it changes their behavior at all. See whether a confrontation about your spouse's cheating behavior caused them to rethink their behavior and decide to stop cheating on you. Whether they do or they don't, SpyBubble will monitor their cell phone's behavior. Spybubble Text Tracking is probably going to be the most vital and definitive tool in your arsenal. People text message each other all the time. With SpyBubble's SMS tracking feature, you'll see the content of each message, whether it was incoming or outgoing. You'll also be able to see a timestamp of each text message, so you'll know exactly when it was sent or received. With this, you'll be able to put together a timeline of cheating behavior.
Because SpyBubble provides you with the phone numbers which have contacted the targeted Smart Phone, you should be able to get the number of your spouse's affair pretty quickly. Obviously, you can call these numbers to try to verify it yourself, but you might end up in a conversation with someone who is denying they even know your spouse. Outright trying to call this person out of the blue might just cause your spouse to cheat more carefully which is the last thing you want. Playing dumb is vital. The more crafty and sneaky your spouse thinks they are the more lax they will subconsciously be in their unfaithful behavior.

Because of this, consider using a Caller-ID masking software when making contact with numbers that you suspect might be related to your spouse's cheating behavior. SpyBubbles listening feature which turns the targeted Smart Phone into a 'bug' or 'wire'. So, while you're tracking your spouses' Smart Phone and you believe they have physically met with the person they are having an affair with, you can activate this feature to listen to the immediate vicinity of your partner's phone. Here is a great article on how to turn an old cell phone into a room audio surveillance device.

This feature is invaluable, because it lets you track what's going on even when your partner is not sending or receiving material on their Smart Phone. The device's microphone simply turns on and records what is going on, allowing you to listen and record from your SpyBubble account.

Once a person suspects their smart phone is somehow revealing their behavior, they will likely stop using their Smart Phone as a resource for cheating, or they might disguise their text messages and conversations so it is less obvious what they are doing

Therefore, it is advised not to tell your spouse that you are using a program like SpyBubble. Furthermore, the spouse might feel as though their trust was violated. Imagine being in a situation where you use your smart phone to find out if your partner was cheating and the only thing that comes of it is your partner finds out that you were spying on their cell phone. This could be potentially hazardous to your relationship, especially if they weren't even cheating on you in the first place. Because of this, it is best to make sure that no one finds out that you've been using SpyBubble's technology, unless you're using the information you've gathered to confront your cheating spouse or their partner.

The information you gather with SpyBubble might mean the difference between losing everything in a divorce and walking away with your possession and dignity in tact. Everything accumulated on SpyBubble's databases can be printed for later, making it the ultimate tool for establishing guilty behavior in the ending of a marriage or relationship. Hopefully this article revealed some of the ways which SpyBubble can service you in the issue of monitoring your spouse. If you suspect something is going on of if you're merely nervous that things aren't what they seem, get to the bottom of it.