Spy Bubble was Reported as a Scam Mobile Spy - WHY?

Spybubble mobile phone spy software box.

There are three main reasons Spybubble was reported to be a scam.

  1. Spybubble was first released in late 2010. From November 2010 until about April 2011 any questions people had about Spybubble directed to the Spybubble support center would often if not most of the time not be answered for several days or longer. This included both presale questions potential customers of spy bubble had as well as current customers that had customer support or technical support inquiries. This is understandable. If I asked technical support from any website a question and it took two, three, or four days before I got a response I would assume the company was no good, or the product was a scam, or technical support was just terrible and for that reason didn't want to purchase the product. The reason this happened was almost immediately after spy bubble was released the amount of demand for the product, meaning the number of people purchasing spy bubble phone spy, was enormously way beyond expectations. In a matter of just weeks spy bubble was selling 200 and more units of its infamous cell phone spy software per week. This was more than five times what the expected initial sales was estimated to be. Because of this the technical support team was in no way large enough to efficiently and quickly handle this deluge of new customers. Sales continued to explode in the same sort of fashion over the next several months. It took a few months before the spy bubble support team was updated with new qualified employees to handle the volume. Since the late spring of 2011 this is no longer a problem. Any inquiries you have for technical support will get answered in less than a day, usually by the next morning.
  2. As a technical support person from the mobile phone spying website I have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the types of questions and inquiries people have about phone spy software in general. One thing I have learned is the greatest percentage of people interested in phone spy software, like spy bubble, are people with almost NO computer skills. More than 90% of questions I get regarding phone spy software in general are people who don't even know how to unzip a .zip file. When these types of people run into some sort of problem that has nothing to do with an error on this part of Spybubble jump to conclusions and point the finger of blame at Spybubble when in reality the error is with their own lack of basic knowledge OR not reading instructions. Out of frustration these individuals with limited patience were quick to visit a site like scam.com and vent their frustrations against Spy Bubble. In fact if you go to this web page at scam.com you can see a reply I posted about people complaining of spy bubble being a scam. My reply is also shown below.
    My response to ignorant people accusing Spybubble of being a rip off.
  3. Because of the first two reasons people reported Spybubble to be a scam they wanted a refund. The payment processing of Spy Bubble mobile phone spy software is processed by a third-party vendor specializing in purchasing and refunds. The original payment processor for Spybubble was Clickbank from October 2010 till about April or May 2011. In order to get a refund you contact Clickbank and NOT Spybubble. I guess you can classify people in this group as people who don't read or don't know how to read. Immediately after purchasing and downloading Spybubble you get a receipt from Clickbank with explicit instructions about what to do if you wanted a refund. (by the way, Spybubble has a 60 DAY money back guarantee). These instructions clearly and specifically state for any refunds place your request with Clickbank and NOT Spy Bubble. Somehow people who purchased Spybubble who wanted a refund didn't bother to read this. So requests for refunds would take much longer than necessary to be answered, dealt with, or processed.